NSFW Commercials

Wow, I really like Twit.tv and the work that Leo Laporte and his crew do. In fact, quite a significant number of the things previously mentioned in here have been taken from one of their various shows. Just now, on NSFW’s 103rd episode, they discussed the creepiness which was this:

And here’s the very first commercial:

What’s funny, is that Willard Scott, the guy who was the original Ronald McDonald, was fired due to his weight:

Here’s another commercial-food for thought:

  1. First of all, 十樣蔗露 needs to be written better. Try to avoid using the Chopsticks font next time!
  2. Really now. Glape?
  3. Also, spoons were not imported to China, and there is no archaeological evidence that spoons were invented specifically to scoop up Jell-O.

Many people of a lighter skin tone are sure to decry that this is not to be taken seriously, and that my last sentence would be inappropriate. On the contrary, there are many people who would look at this commercial, and need an explanation. Because sometimes, people just need things explained to them. S_L_O_W_L_Y.


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