North Koreans in South Korean Inheritance Battles

That’s right! North Koreans on occasion, sue their South Korean relatives over inheritance issues. See, many North Koreans from the War never had a chance to flee with their families to the south, or for some other reason were separated from them due to the nature of war itself. Others escaped the North and later remarried in the South. When they pass away, the families in the North hear of this, and inheritance battles ensue. In fact, there are prior cases, in which North Koreans have actually won these cases. Now, South Korea’s Justice Ministry is trying to stop this money from leaving their country, and entering the North.

Maybe this is why North Koreans decided to kick out South Korean’s from their Mt. KumGang Tourist Region.

UPDATE, September 24, 2011:
North Korean lady does a no-brainer: Escapes impoverished North for the prosperous South, to claim grandfather’s inheritance.


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