Family Wreaths and Red Suns

ChinaSmack lets us know about a husband-wife duo who just found out, they’re actually half brother and sister:

Turns out, the guy’s mother had an affair with the girl’s father, because the guy’s father was off working somewhere else and didn’t come back often. Eventually, the girl’s father met the girl’s mother, and got married.

My guess is that marriage may lead to a divorce. But hey, you know what story really lead to a divorce? Chairman Mao just divorced his husband.
0-o WTF?! Yeah, well, actually… It’s a look-a-like, and it’s a woman. That’s right! A woman somehow figured out she looked a lot like the late Chairman: Face, mole, receding hairline, and all! Getting a lot of commercial deals from this too! The problem?

For Mrs Chen told the Global People magazine that her husband had grown tired of feeling “he is sleeping with [the] Chairman and that their sex life had been destroyed.

Damn Chairman, why you gotta’ a cock-block?

I don’t think any sort of chill pill, even if it’s from Harbin Pharmaceuticals Factory #6 can solve these problems!


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