I’m God, Or I used to Be

So… When I think life is bad, it’s probably nowhere nearly as bad as what she’s probably experienced:

UPDATE October 14, 2012
Of course eventually, things will work out for the better.

Or one would hope?




TV station female reporter mistakes men’s masturbation toy as lingzhi mushroom

On June 17th, Xi’an TV’s “Xi’an Up Close” program broadcasted a piece of local news. At first the anchorperson claimed that an old Xi’an farmer was digging a well in his hometown, and when the well reached close to 100 meters depth, a strange plant was uncovered and dug out. The correspondent on camera said the villagers told her they had dug out a fleshy plant-like object, and the nearly 80-year-old elderly man also said he had never seen such strange a thing. The villagers interviewed said they too didn’t know what it is, that the fleshy thing even had a nose and an eye. When the female reporter saw the object, she described it as something very much like a fungus, with both ends being in the shape of mushroom heads. Then she picked it up pinched and prodded it over and over again, saying the top end of the mushroom head was a mouth, and the bottom end had a small hole. She even said it felt very smooth and slippery. Local villagers said that they had searched online and discovered that this ting was called Taisui, a kind of lingzhi mushroom, upon which the reporter immediately gave an introduction and explanation about lingzhi mushrooms, before saying she would go find experts to have it identified.

The programme team apologizes that the reporter is too young to understand worldly affairs.

For this, Xi’an TV’s “Xi’an Up Close” program team made an apology to all netizens on their official Weibo microblog, claiming that the female reporter was too young, and was ignorant of worldly affairs, so they were very sorry for any discomfort and misguidance they caused for viewers, and hoped that people could forgive them this time for their oversight. “Xi’an Up Close” wrote: “An open letter to all netizens and viewers: Dear folks! Last night a segment of our news was widely laughed at and ridiculed. This incident has gotten wide attention, been widely forwarded and commented on. Owing to our reporter being still very young, not yet versed in the ways of the world, she brought audiences discomfort and misguidance in this piece of news! Here, we sincerely thank all netizens for their criticisms and corrections of our program. Folks, please forgive us for this instance carelessness!”

So how did this get pass all the other reporters and editors, and people above her in the first place? You mean there’s no way of checking her work? Or was this all a cruel joke?


Original Gangstah’: Mistah Rogers!


Watch Mister Rogers Remixed – Garden of Your Mind on PBS. See more from PBS Digital Studios.

Watch Mister Rogers Remixed – Garden of Your Mind on PBS. See more from PBS Digital Studios.


Tactile Color e-ink Reader

So I was surfing the web today, and I was thinking…
How awesome would it be to have a color e-ink e-reader

With tactile feedback…

It’d make porn interesting, but then, there’d be a lot of sticky e-readers. In such a case, you might not want anyone knowing you have one of these. Make sure you buy it from a reputable source.

In any case, I predicted such a device first! Royalties!!!!


1/10 Premature Babies


A Voice of America Report on North Korea, reports that the World Health Organization has stated that 1 baby born out of 10 are premature. More accurately, the rate is 10.7% of newborns are premature. This is interesting, as I tried to search for something on their website for that, and couldn’t find it. Definitely not saying DailyNK is reporting something false. I’m just too lazy at the moment to actually do the legwork of searching for the original statement.

On the other hand, I did stumble upon these articles:

12% of newborns in the US are born premature, which is about the same rate as Africa.

It’s OK now! Now Without Bugs!


Your Strawberries & Creme frappuchino will no longer feature a splash of bug – enough customers didn’t want to slurp crushed cochineal insects that Starbucks Corp. is ditching the red dye used in their making.

The Mexican and South American tropical creepy-crawlies were dried and then processed into a coloring product that gave some Starbucks goods – including strawberry banana smoothies, raspberry swirl cakes, birthday cake pops, mini doughnuts with pink icing and red velvet whoopee pie – their rosy hue.

But it wasn’t vegan. It wasn’t kosher. It was also just kind of gross, according to the thousands of Starbucks customers who decided they weren’t adventurous enough to stomach the ingredient. (Maybe the color is part of it – consumer outcry also caused several retailers to recently strip meat products known as pink slime from their shelves.)

By the end of June, cochineal insect dye will be no more at Starbucks. The Seattle company will replace it with a tomato extract called lycopene.

“As our customers you expect and deserve better – and we promise to do better,” wrote Starbucks’ U.S. President Cliff Burrows in a blog post Thursday.

Well, what’s wrong with eating bugs? A buddy of mine once hung out with some Ethiopians, and noticed they were eating beetles at a party. Before he got to say anything, one of them asked him, “Well… why do you eat shrimp?” Besides…

But then of course, there are the vegetarians and vegans who want their pink, over-priced sugary drinks to fit them. What happened to saving the Earth, guys?


Banjos and China?!?

Yeah, banjos and China.

My first impression of the idea was “Ick… a banjo?!” But then I watched the video, and thought, “OK, it’s not a bad idea!” It was very interesting, in that her style of singing reminds me of 山歌 (Songs sung by people who usually live up in the mountains, typically embodied by a uniquely high-pitched, varying vocals).
For Example…

To see how this ended, watch the video in this post

Wait… Bluegrass from the Appalachian Mountains, 山歌… I guess it all makes sense!


[Americanized] Chinese-Food

To be honest, I’ve never had a good view of Americanized Chinese Food, because for most of my life, I’ve been blessed in living around heavy immigrant communities, and thanks to globalization, the food from “the old country” comes to us quite easily. However, I like how Jennifer 8. Lee shines a new light on this “fusion food”:


Reciprocity: The Beginning of Morality

There was a person that asked me, “How do you know what is moral without religion?” Well first of all, being animals ourselves, we’re not the only ones with a monopoly on morality and empathy:

In other words, people with religion, and/or conservatives, aren’t the only ones with a sense of morality, and we all need to get out of our comfort zone to understand the other side:

In fact, people of science can also answer moral questions: