Too Many Cooks in the Internet Video Stew!


It’s been almost a year since I’ve written anything for this section! I figured this was random enough, that it had to be posted somewhere. And that’s what the “0_o?” section is all about… Enjoy!

I was watching this “show/podcast”:

I’m a big fan of their works, and found out about that through Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Always makes me think. But towards the end of the above video, someone recommended this video…

And if you’re left going: WTF?! Yeah, I was too. But there was some funny elements in the video, as long as you can ignore the repetitive parts. But even the repetition had its purpose.

And of course, with everything else on the internet, it lead to watching this video’s commentary on video gameplay rules, which as the entire podcast series, by extension another piece of reflection upon some aspect of life:

And then this one…

Oh, the rabbit hole of the internet! Here’s another video for a bonus:


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