Cooking With Technology

So my friend sent me an e-mail, describing how he was fascinated with a recent GPU:

Yes, that is in fact a 4000 dollar graphics card.

448 64-bit cores, at 1.2Ghz apiece

about 538 Gflops

so, for probably about 9k, for two of these cards, and a motherboard that supports them, with a processor that can keep the hell up, you could be in possession of your very own Tflop machine.

I’m willing to bet that the heat coming out the back of that machine would quite literally be enough to cook with.

To which I replied:

That is indeed interesting. That means we can do 구이, while computing. The best of both worlds!

On a slightly sad note, we might be beat to the punch, as far as opening up a North Korean vegan restaurant. At least, the products are already available in the Korean markets in the states:

But it’s OK, because you too, can relieve your stress by joining the Chinese in “Occupy Obama’s G+ Account”. Obama will hear our cry for help for sure:

But I should have waited before replying to that, because shortly after that, I found a way to cook on your Apple iPhone:
Picture taken from

So I can have 구이 and 打甂爐 for a fraction of the price of those graphics cards, with these awesome iPhones! SWEET! Forget Obama’s G+, I’m gonna’ go back to watching the latest and greatest in Apple IP issues!


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