Alternative, Ergonomic Keyboards

I have an old ergonomic, wireless, keyboard. In fact, it’s so old, the K key doesn’t even work sometimes [cue in rimshot & cheesy laugh].

But seriously, this has caused me to go in search of other ergonomic keyboards, and I found this Orbitouch:
Orbitouch with Color Decoder
Here’s an intro video for it:

But another keyboard that also impressed me (looked more conventional, and seemed like you could type faster) was the deal-split, 3-D Maltron keyboard:

In fact, if you go to its website, right off the bat, they feature a recent commercial in England for


‘s “Spots Vs Stripes” Show:

Actually, this post seems more like it should go with Leo Laporte and Dick Debartolo‘s “[Weekly] Daily GizWiz


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