Lowered Readership

「所 以 , 結 論 是 , 我 的 讀 者 多 了 , 可 是 卻 是 一 些 色 情 狂 。」--李敖
“Thus, conclusively, my readers have increased, but they are a bunch of perverts” —Li, Ao

For the longest time, the keywords at 6 and 7 were actually at the very top of the list of keywords driving people to this website. Respectively, they were drawn to these pages:
6. “Sex Ed”

7. “Pink Girl in the Rain”

However, for good reasons, these pervs aren’t reading what’s on our site anymore. I won’t show you what the number of visitors are like, because they are patheically low. So pathetically low. This is not something I would like to post on our main page as a badge of honor.


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