This Is Your Monkey On Alcohol

You have to admit, primatology is an interesting field, in that it’s a study of primates. Which means, not only is it a specific study of how these social animals behave, but because they’re our closest cousins in the animal kingdom, it gives us great insights into how much animal behavior we humans still have, despite whatever civility we’d like to confer upon ourselves.

Now, that’s not to say we are all one and the same. Somewhere along the line, modern man has diverged from the common primate lineage, but what is the deciding factor? There have been many studies that examine whether or not apes can understand language, or is it uniquely a human thing? Some say it’s the invention of fire and cooked foods that changed our gut microbial environment, and thus our biology, but then a couple years ago, it was discovered chimps prefer cooked foods as well.

And alas, bastion of human behavior: drunkenness. Some people wondered if like humans, monkeys liked to get drunk on alcohol. The answer of course, is in the title. Yes they do.

Goin’ out for a night out at town? Time to take a monkey selfie!


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